Saint Xavier University

Saint Xavier University Student Health Insurance Plan

Student Health Insurance Plan for Domestic and International Students and their Dependents

Eligibility - Undergraduates

All undergraduate students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage, while registered for classes at Saint Xavier University. If you have existing health insurance coverage, you must complete the WAIVER FORM. Students who do not complete the WAIVER FORM will automatically be enrolled in the Saint Xavier University Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. Premium for coverage under this Insurance Plan will be added to your tuition.

To check status of an existing waiver click here.

Please note: Existing Coverage will be verified. Please be sure to use the correct Student ID Number issued to you by the University when completing the Student Insurance Waiver Form.

Eligibility - Graduates

Participation in the Insurance Plan is voluntary. Complete online or offline enrollment form and pay premium by check or credit card.

*Note: Graduate Sutdents

if you wish to enroll and pay permium monthly, you will be unable to enroll online.

Please complete the monthly payment authorization and fax to 262-758-6344 or email us by clicking on the following link: Email us.

AIP Customer Service

Your Customer Service Team at Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc. can be reached at 800-452-5772.

Our telephones are staffed Monday through Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm, Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm Central Standard Time. Email us at

For School Administrators Only
2016/2017 Important Notices

Your Reasons to Consider
Student Health Insurance (PDF)




Students insured with this student health insurance plan are able to obtain a 1095-B form by calling the following phone number: (800) 422-6200



Important information regarding your pharmacy benefit through Optum RX

In order to use your student insurance plan's pharmacy benefits you must use a participating pharmacy. Please find a participating pharmacy at

With the change in policy year to 2016/17, your pertinent information must be provided to Optum RX and updated in their database. These procedures can take up to 10 days from the receipt of the name list from your school. If you are not recognized by your pharmacy it is because this update has not been completed. You may file a claim for a reimbursement using the claim form in the drop down menu to the left should you need to purchase medication prior to your pharmacy recognizing you in the Optum RX system.

You will receive your Identification Card for the Pharmacy Drug Program approximately 2 weeks after the waiver deadline date for each semester. Until your permanent Identification Card is received, you must present the Temporary Identification Card (found by going to to your Pharmacist. You may also call 800-452-5772 and ask that a copy of the Temporary Identification Card to be sent to you.

Note: You may call AIP prior to using the Optum RX Temporary ID Card to verify your eligibility information has been provided by Optum RX.

ON CALL INTERNATIONAL / 1-855-226-7915

An emergency helpline for students in need of medical or legal help or advice, within or outside of the United States.


Students may utilize the Nurse Advice Line anytime they need confidential medical advice. ON CALL provides clinical assessment, education and general health information. This service shall be performed by a registered Nurse Counselor to assist in identifying the appropriate level and source(s) of care (based on symptoms reported and/or health care questions asked). Nurses shall not diagnose ailments. This program gives access to the nurse information line 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. One phone call is all it takes to access a wealth of useful health care information at 1-800-850-4556 or collect outside the U.S. and Canada, 603-328-1713.

  • Dental & Vision Insurance Plan
If you wish to see alternatives to our student insurance programs, please consider our Individual Insurance Plans.
North Park University enrollment for student, spouse and children (everybody) is done through the school.
This Form must be completed and filed by the Athletic Director
Please complete the Student Insurance Survey. By completing the survey your information will be entered into our annual drawing. Thank you for participating.
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This form must accompany completed claim form.
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Coming Soon: The Spring Waiver process will open on December 1, 2011
This is not an ID Card. To request a copy of your Identification Card, please do so in the separate link shown above or you may call our office at 800-452-5772.
Please contact us at 800-452-5772 for more details.
This form must accompany completed claim form.
Clicking will forward you to the insurance company’s website.