Getting to know the basics of Insurance Terminology and Drug Interaction

Questions Regarding Claims

  1. Do I have to fill out a claim form every time I go to the Doctor or get a prescription filled?
    You must complete a claim form for every accident or sickness for which you are filing for benefits. Only one claim form needs to be completed for each medical condition.
    For example, you visit your physician, he prescribes a medication, and later you have a refill on the prescription. Initially, you only need to submit one claim form. Additional medical bills for the same injury or sickness must have your name, your policy number, school you attend, student identification number, and description of medical condition.
  2. Do I use the same claim form for prescriptions?
    Yes. Complete the claim form and submit it to the Insurance Company with the receipts for your prescriptions and we will reimburse you in accordance with the terms of your policy.
  3. Does the physician's office submit the claim for you, or must I do this myself?
    The physician's office may send the medical bills directly to the Insurance Company, but you must complete a claim form (as described previously) and submit it to the Insurance Company, providing a description of your accident or sickness, in order for payment to be made.
  4. How do I find out which doctors and hospitals are in the Preferred Provider Network?
    If your insurance program has a "preferred provider network", you will receive a higher level of reimbursement if you use a physician or hospital from our Network. You may obtain a listing of providers by "clicking" on Preferred Provider on your school's insurance site. You will be asked for your zip code. A listing of providers, by specialty, will be provided to you.
  5. What claim form should I complete?
    You may print the claim form shown on your school's insurance site, labeled Claim Form (PDF). Once the form has been completed, you may mail it, or fax it, to the appropriate Claims Company with your medical bills. For more information, please call us at 800-452-5772.

Questions Regarding Enrollment and Premium Payment

  1. How do I enroll in the Insurance Plan?
    There are several ways to enroll in the Student Insurance Plans offered to the students at your school. For your convenience these methods have been listed below.

    1. Enroll online through by accessing the insurance website developed for your school. First search for your school's name on our main page. Once you have found your school's insurance website look for the enroll button.
    2. You may enroll by completing the application attached to the Brochure and mailing it to:
      Student Insurance Plan
      609 North Pine Street, Suite 202
      Burlington, WI 53105
    3. You may enroll by contacting the Student Services or Student Affairs office at your school.
    4. You may enroll in the plan on your school's Student Insurance Internet site and pay premium with a major credit card or electronic check.
    5. You may call 800-452-5772 and pay your premium by telephone using a major credit card or electronic check.
    6. You may pay your premium by major credit card and fax your application to 847-281-8813.
  2. Will you automatically debit my credit card as premium comes due?
    Automatic debit of either your checking account or credit card is required if you select the monthly payment option. If you would like to schedule to have your payments automatically debited, please fill out the authorization form (see brochure or your school's website) and either fax it to us at 847-281-8813 or mail it to us at:
    Student Insurance Plans,
    609 North Pine Street, Suite 202,
    Burlington, WI 53105
  3. Can I obtain a receipt for payment of premium?
    Yes. Go to your school's student insurance Internet site and "click" on Print ID Card and Verify Coverage. You will need to provide your name, student identification number, and birth date. After printing your identification card, a receipt will print showing all premium payments made and dates of coverage.
  4. May I enroll in the insurance plan after the initial effective date?
    Unless a specific Enrollment and Premium Payment deadline is shown in the brochure, you may enroll after the initial effective date. Premiums are not pro-rated, however. Coverage will be effective on the date your premium payment is received by the Company.
  5. How do I receive a temporary identification card?
    You may detach the identification card provided on the front or back cover of your brochure. You may also go to the school's student insurance Internet site and "click" on Print ID Card and Verify Coverage. You will need to disable your "Pop-Up Blockers". Then, you will need to provide your name, student identification number, and birth date. You may also call 800-452-5772 and request that an identification card be mailed or emailed to you.
  6. Why can't I retrieve my ID card or record from the site?
    First disable your pop-up blockers, because your information will be displayed in a "pop-up" menu. Please make sure you have filled out the online form exactly as you filled out your application. It is necessary that you enter your nine digit student ID number and also your eight digit date of birth correctly.

    For example:
    Student ID Number: 123456789
    Date Of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY.

    If your Student ID number is shorter than 9 digits, please insert zeros before it to make a 9 digit number. If your student ID number is longer than 9 digits, please use the first 9 digits. If your Student ID number contains letters, please do not use them.
  7. Is there a grace period between the terms of coverage under my policy?
    A 14 day grace period is provided between all coverage terms.
  8. When I renew my coverage at the start of a new policy year will my account automatically continue to be debited?
    No, each year you will be required to fill out a new automatic debit authorization form and submit it along with your application.
  9. Who handles Complaints and Complaint Resolutions?
    Please direct any complaints, for resolution, to:

    Associated Insurance Plans International Inc.
    609 North Pine Street, Suite 202
    Burlington, WI 53105
  10. What if I graduate in the middle of the policy year, will my account continue to be debited until the end of the policy year?
    Yes, your account will continue to be debited for the remainder of the policy year. You may submit a written request to cancel to us via fax at 847-281-8813 or via mail at Student Insurance Plans, 609 North Pine Street, Suite 202, Burlington WI 53105. Be sure to include your name, the name of the school you attend, your student ID number, and your contact information. Your account will be reviewed by the Director of Student Accounts. Once a decision has been made regarding your written request, you will be notified via mail and email.